Mediterranean Pasta Salad
 Both versatile and healthy, pasta salad makes a great lunch or dinner when you are short on ingredients or stuck for new ideas. Pretty much any veg can go into it. Here’s a version we rely on a lot!

500g cooked pasta, such as penne or fusilli
50-75g mixed greens. chopped (like Spring Salad Gaeaf)
4-5 sun-dried tomatoes, packed in oil, chopped
2-3 fresh tomatoes, chopped
½ jar of artichoke antipasti or tinned, drained, chopped
10-15 kalamata olives, stoned, chopped
1 red or green sweet pepper, chopped (raw or roasted)
50-75g feta cheese, chopped or crumbled
10-20g fresh parmesan, grated

1 part balsamic vinegar
2 parts extra virgin olive oil
4-5 teaspoons, pesto (like CBF Heavenly Herb Pesto)
½ - 1 teaspoonDijon mustard
¼ - ½ teaspoon salt/pepper

Mix all dressing ingredients (except oil) in a large bowl, then whisk in oil, pouring in a steady stream. Add all other ingredients to bowl and toss well. Serve immediately or keep refrigerated up to 3 days. Serves 4-6.