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At Cwrtau Bach Deli Goods, we believe we've got some pretty scrumptious foods and we've love to share them you.  When you're ready to give some a try, please do!  Gift boxes and hampers are available; please email or phone for details. Example photos coming soon!

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Note:   If you'd prefer to place your order by phone, please give us a ring on 01994 419 086 or 0780 646 3288.


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Ravenous Red Pepper and Olive Tapenade - Chilled175g£ 3.50  
Ravenous Red Pepper and Olive Tapenade - Chilled100g£ 2.75  
Sage Walnut Pesto - Chilled100g£ 2.75  
Terrific Tomato Olive Tapenade175g£ 3.50  
Terrific Tomato Olive Tapenade110g£ 2.75  
Gorgeous Green Tomatoes in Oil - SEASONAL175g£ 3.50  
Roasted Veg Salsa175g£ 3.50  
Roasted Veg Salsa110g£ 2.75  
Tomatillo Salsa175g£ 3.50  
Tomatillo Salsa110g£ 2.75  
Tomato Chipotle Salsa175g£ 3.50  
Tomato Chipotle Salsa110g£ 2.75  
Proper Pepper Jelly200g£ 4.50  
Proper Pepper Jelly125g£ 2.75  
Crackin’ Chili and Tomato Jam200g£ 4.50  
Crackin’ Chili and Tomato Jam125g£ 2.75  
Arbennig Apple Ginger Chutney200g£ 3.50  
Arbennig Apple Ginger Chutney125g£ 2.75  
Bold Blackberry Chutney - Available Now!200g£ 3.50  
Bold Blackberry Chutney - Available Now!125g£ 2.75  
Lovely Lemon Chutney200g£ 3.50  
Lovely Lemon Chutney125g£ 2.75  
Bread and Butter Pickles175g£ 3.50  
Mighty Mustard Pickles - Available Now!250g£ 4.25  
Pumpkin Pie Jam - Available Now!225g£ 3.50  
Pumpkin Pie Jam - Available Now!125g£ 2.75  
Carrot Cake Jam225g£ 3.50  
Carrot Cake Jam125g£ 2.75  
Tomatillo Lime Jam210g£ 4.50  
Tomatillo Lime Jam125g£ 2.75  
Carmarthenshire Cheese Co. - Pont Gar (soft brie)125g£ 2.00  
Carmarthenshire Cheese Co. - Boksburg Blue (soft blue)125g£ 2.00  
Cothi Valley Goats Cheese - Ranscombe (hard)200g£ 4.50  
2-Jar Gift Box - choose 2 lg (200g) jars£ 1.00  
2-Jar Gift Box - choose 2 sm (125g) jars - PACKAGE PRICE£ 1.00  
3-Jar Gift Box - choose 3 sm (125g) jars - PACKAGE PRICE£ 1.00  
Hamper Box w/ shred (6 lg jars OR 3 lg + 3 cheese OR 4 + 2 OR 5 + 1175g£ 3.00