From Our Greenhouse

With over 5,000 square feet of growing space, our greenhouses allow us to have a unique selection of seasonal vegetables. From heirloom tomatoes to distinctive salad blends, we aim to provide produce that is special and more unusual than what may be found in the large supermarkets. Presently, our produce is available through local markets, festivals, and through local deliveries. Check out our events page for where we'll be next.

Our seasonal produce offering in 2014 includes:
  • tomatoes - all shapes, sizes and colours.
  • sweet bell peppers
  • chiles - several varieties from mild to fiery.
  • salad greens - our own unique mix of cut leaves
  • kale
  • herbs - perennials and annuals
  • carrots
  • courgettes - yellows, round green
  • cucumbers and gherkins
  • melons
  • tomatillos